Sukonini cont’


They left the craggy mountain top with haste and started their decent to the Valley of Humungi, where they would place the crystal in the  river.  Drix and Miknish glanced at each other with a hint of horror in their eyes, thinking the same awful thought. Only one was brave enough to articulate.  “Aah Amchaut my friend, you do know how to return that to full size now don’t you?”  Drix asked in a gentle tone betraying the rather deep concern he held for the opposite.

‘’Don’t worry I had a new wand crafted before we left.  The mighty Wandweavers never use Crookedcast rubbish material in their work.  Crookedcast dealers were a spurious crowd who used dark and second hand alchemy for profit.   They are renowned for use of only local and ancient Sukonini material” Amchaut chuckled and waved his somewhat bent and noduled wand in the air…

“Do you want me to show you?”

“Nooo !”  Miknish leapt a good three Sukonini feet to grab Amchaut by the wrist and aim the wand at the ground.   Sukonini feet are a quite large so this was indeed an achievement on Miknishs behalf.

“Oh for goodness sakes I wasn’t going to let it rip here Mik, give a Suki some credit.  I was going to aim it down the ravine” Amchaut loosened his wrist from Miknishs grip and just as quick it was restrained again.  O.K, O.K.  !”  The Crone gave it a good check when we visited her, surely you trust her?”

“We’re only to return it to full size once we reach the river Amchaut.  Do you understand?  We only get one chance at this, there’s no mucking around.”  Drix now stood eye to eye, with the two, all their citrine brows sparking and shimmering brightly with all the excitement.

The river laid a couple of ravines away and Drix was wondering if there wasn’t a quicker way of getting there.  They couldn’t use their hover shoes as the land beneath them was mainly granite and when a hover shoe crossed granite sparks would fly and fires could rage.  The wisdom weavers in their clan were forever working on how to change those glitches in the hover shoe and would continue to do so as there was a lot of granite surrounding their land.

While Drix pondered this, his gaze fell on some very old trees towering precariously on the slope with their bases entwined around and within giant boulders of granite.  Ahead, towering further above the very tips of some of the tallest trees appeared a burst of color.  There were stripes of red, white, blue, deep green and yellow.

“Well, what say we take a stealthy walk closer and see what that is?” Amchaut and Miknish stood stock still at this suggestion as they came to gaze upon the same sight.

As they got closer, they saw a very small individual leaning back, almost in a lying position, pulling on a thick rope. A few paces away another individual was doing the same. Just as the Sukonini appeared from the bush, another gaseous roar was heard. They could see now blue and yellow flames and a haze of heat blasting its way up into the colorful balloon.

‘G’day!’ bellowed Drix.

The almost prostrate pair holding the ropes turned to the group with a jolt.

‘G’day yourself,’ one of them returned with a smile. The other one said a brief ‘Hey,’ and then continued to concentrate on his task.

‘What can we do for you?’ the individual asked.

‘We’re trying to get over these ravines.  Drix offered his hand to the fellow.  Unable to offer his hand in return the stranger replied courteously.

‘No offence Sukonini, but I’ve kind of got my hands full at the moment. If you like, it would be very helpful if you could grab those other two ropes and fasten them to the trunk of that eucalypt over there and the melaleuca over there.

“Ah bless you sir, do you have a cold?”  Drix asked jokingly.   “Mela   euco who now?”

Introductions followed and the three were directed in helping secure the ‘Balloon’ it was called, to a couple of trees.  They shared some Broth and negotiated to borrow and return the Balloon, in exchange for some highly sought Sukonini alchemy.   They were then instructed in the basics of flying the colorful giant.

Soon they felt the chill of the mountain winds and the fear in their hearts, as they took flight.  Soaring across the dense almost impenetrable granite laden bushland.   Not long into their flight they were called to deal with an unlikely guest.  Splat, something hit the basket then the balloon.  Splat then Amchauts’ face was obscured by bright yellow thick goo.  This caused Amchauts’ finger stones to cut into his hands as his grip around his Shilo tightened. The wind seemed to pick up. It raced around and smacked them on their backsides and tickled their ears, then dropped giggling into stillness. About to guffaw loudly at Amchauts’ face, saliva became quite scarce to Drix as he heard a deep momentous sound. Beside him, Miknish’s pink lips fell open.

‘Watch out!’ it yelled. ‘You there, move!’   The huge, hairy creature seemed to have far too many legs, yet it wasn’t using them. It seemed to be gliding at a super speed and the sound it made nearly shook them from the basket.


The furry looking giant just clipped Amchauts’ thick hair and landed heavily, clinging to the seemed now like, their fragile balloon.

“I told you to move Sukonini. You know, I tried to give you fair warning.’ This is the land of the Humungi you know!”

The creature used all of its black, hairy legs to turn and look at the stunned group. Amchaut was fixing his hair tufts back into place with one hand and was still gripping around his Shilo so hard there was another trickle of blood making its way through the air to the forest floor.

‘Teddy Bear Bee. How do you do?’ it said trying to break the silence of the trio.

‘Te…Te…Teddy. Hi…We…I…’ Drix was quite speechless, and Miknish had tried to lift his jaw.

‘You hug your food. You hug the flowers. You shake them and release all their pollen and pollinate the bush,’ Miknish informed the bee like it didn’t know its own self.

“I see my impeccable reputation precedes me and yes things here are a little larger than usual for you. You think I’m huge? Wait ‘til you see the snapdragon flower ahead that I just came from,’ the bee gestured with one of its furry black arms.

‘Please don’t shake…please don’t. You could burst the balloon!’ Amchaut eventually explained to the huge, buzzing insect.

‘Blow some gas Drix, we need to get higher,’ Miknish ordered.

Licking his fingers and face, Amchaut commented that the yellow stuff was so sweet. What he had not noticed was the yellow stuff had made his lip grow very large and so too his moustache.  Just as Miknish pointed this out to Amchaut, the bee had taken flight and the balloon was caught up in a sudden rush of air.  The trio was soon to bear witness to a colossal landscape.  The roses with giant thorns and giant teddy bear bees to go with them, whose hum offered a tremendous sound of unity.

Sukonini cont’


Its’ song  like a rainshower hitting a rose petal,  it’s vibration leaving the air refreshed and silent.  The manic laughter had dispersed into the atmosphere as if it never had exsisted.  The Sukonini shilo once a violent piece of oak which tore kneecaps from foe, now sang of peace filled repose.  A positve legacy from the battle of Hearsay , some generations past.

Is the giggling gurty willing to show themselves, so we may chat perhaps?  Drix lay his shilo at his feet and continued.  This piece of timber offers you no harm.  If  you offer us the same , there may be an opportunity for us all here.

The deafening silence returned as Drix  and the others glanced around what was apparently an almost cave like area they had come to rest in from the forces of the vortex they had just encountered.

MARGE THE LARGE!!!!!   They grabbed at their ears and huddled together as the reverberation of words dislodged rocks and boulders around them.

Uh Huh, Marge it is then… Drix and my friends Amchaut & Miknish,  we’re ..

I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!  The giant voice cut in,  sending a plume of rock dust over the trio.

Oh well that’s fine Marge , but uh how exactly do you kno

I KNOW ALL!!   The trio huddled again but apparently there was only so much debris to be dislodged at this point in time and they stood taller surprised at their reprieve.

So you know then that we’re here for … we’re here for the .. Drix halted waiting for the all knowing marge to finish his sentence.  Nothing happened.

We’ve come about the ice crystal Marge.

A loud shuffling sound came from just ahead of them and what appeared to be a sort of black furry leg stomped down just short of Drix’ shilo , then as quick as a flash touched it and disappeared, back from whence it came.

Aaahh , the ice crystal  Mar..  was that you that just..



Of course it was.   said a regular little voice ahead of them.  I’m not stupid you know I’ve heard of your shilos.  I value my kneecaps.  The voice continued ,now boldly attatched to several eyes and a couple of mighty sharp and huge  mandables.

Hey there you are, hi Marge good to see you, now we ..Drix once again could not finish his sentence but this time it was because there was a furry giant spider foot jammed in his mouth.  Amchaut started trembling in in stark contrast to Drix who now stood completely and utterly still.

Ne -ow S -he Herre my-ah beastly one !   Miknish began,  in his unique accent even fellow Sukonini had trouble with.  Marge stamped another of her several feet down a mere hairs breath from where Miknish stood , totally obscuring him in a cloud of dust.

NO ICE CRYSTALS HERE!  THIS IS STONEY PEAK, GET THAT ST-ON-EY, WHERE YOU GONNA FIND ICE HERE?  The giant voice returned and the trio thought they may actually suffer an avalanche.

Mwmwmw.. Might we at least talk about this? Drix finally managed after wrenching Marges’ foot from his mouth.  The Crone told us a wonderful woman with a large heart and sense of humour would lay the ice crystal at our feet.  All of this was to happen here in the mountains of the Humungous.  Now you can’t blame…

Wonderful she said? Marge butted in again.


Sense of humour?


The manic laughter that had so hideously accompanied the initial vortex returned momentarily and the trio fell hard to the ground and were tossed about , coming to stillness as a cold  spear of ice crystal slammed down in the middle of them.

Here you are my little ones, now get lost before I spin you up and ferment you for next weeks brekky.  Marge said and vanished in a swift wind which seemed to clean all specs of rock dust from the Sukoninis beings.

Clearng his throat Miknosh asked the question which loomed for all of them.   Uh  HE OW   WE GONA IT THE CRYSTAL BECK WITHOOT IT MELTING?  Amchaut reached in his jacket and pulled out what looked like a crooked splintered piece of stck , no bigger than his hand and pointed it ferociously at the large crystal afoot.

Don’t melt or lose your brilliance, just be small and show residence.    FWOOOMP!  The large crystal before hem turned a tiinto a tiny pice, and Drix picked it up gingerly and wrapped it in his hanky and placed it in his bag.

Word Nibbler


The Sukonini

(by Christine M Bidwell 2011)

His heavy broad shoulders moved up and down, up and down, with a slow and healthy resistance. The tiny Sukonini bobbing up and down on top of his shoulders exploded  with laughter and squeals. The teller of tales was at  number 30 of 50 push-ups, all of which had young, eager Sukonini attached to his shoulders. They were frowning, tired of waiting for the next tale to begin and trying to distract the teller of tales from his ritual exercise, which he completed each time before he began. If they had just left him alone, he would probably have finished quicker. He was earnest in his intentions of creating an atmosphere of longing for his words.

He had the gait of an old man and a humour he made clear by the way he created an aural thirst in his audience. Ceasing his push-ups, he then prepared himself a Broth.   Broth, said to clear the mind, was a particular favourite of this word nibbler. He sat swirling the liquid around his mouth, which led to contorted expressions and small sparks flew from his citrine brow much to the delight of his audience.  All Sukonini had citrine brows or headwear in some form, and most had finger stones of varying types too. Letting out a very loud ‘Aaaahhh, now!’ and tapping his finger stones together he began to bring alive some of the adventures of the Sukonini.

‘They were being sucked into a spinning vortex which was ablaze with shards of electrical energy…’ he began.    Manic laughter, void of all innate goodness, sang out around them. They were dragged along the ground, hitting boulders and attempting to stop themselves with their feet and anything they could.  A primal sound burst forth from Drix’s chest and he drew out his weapon!